Bridges was there for me during the hardest time of my life and I cannot thank you enough for the support and guidance you gave me during those times. You believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and challenged me to consider faith in God. You also challenged me to become the best person I could. I am still a work in progress but am rising up from my fall and I’m determined to get past my crimes.

Ecclesiastes 8:5 says “Those who are wise will find a time and a way to do what is right.”

I have used my time in jail to rediscover my strengths and all the things I have to give back to the community. I have worked extremely hard to prove that I am ready to take the next step back into the community. I have completed a culinary arts course and am almost finished my grade 12. A new chapter in my journey is about to begin, and now there is light where there was none. I know I have much to give back to my community and friends who stood by me. I am currently putting together a parole application and would like to use Bridges for my community support.

My prayers go out to all your workers for the great things you do and the countless lives you have touched, especially mine. I am tired of being a mushroom so I hope to be released to Okanagan Halfway House soon to restart my life in the community. I look forward to reconnecting with all my good friends from Bridges and with Overcomers’, the rec events and my mentor when I get out on parole. In the same way that you showed me, I want one day to have the opportunity to bring hope to someone else’s life, who feels that there is none. Please take care and tell everyone at Bridges that I look forward to seeing them soon.

Blessings from Your Friend